Hangout together till overnight with Chema and Laura, Payakumbuh– The atmosphere so serene night when two tourists from Spain, chatting with friends at Cafe is located in the center of Payakumbuh City, on Friday 9 September 2016

They seemed to add warmth, of cold nights are increasingly penetrating the bone. They were Chema and Laura are so happy in Payakumbuh, West Sumatra.


They tell about the beauty nature of Minangkabau and night Culinary making them seemed to want to stay longer in Payakumbuh.

Adal Bonai, Jeff and two colleagues seemed endless to share stories about everything that is considered necessary. Friendship existed between them like flow like a river.

“I am pleased to see the Minangkabau, and would like longer here,” said Chema.

Mingle interspersed jokes joke, make two people who came from the land of the matador could not resist laughter.

Although they had been in Payakumbuh, they already had friends who was considered able to fill their evenings with discussion interspersed with jokes joke. (St)


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